Our Services

Many types of transit packaging are very bulky to store, requiring extensive warehousing facilities at your premises in order to stock the entire range of packaging lines your company regularly uses.

EPD can provide a service whereby all your in-constant-use transit packaging lines can be forward ordered and produced in bulk, to be stored at our large warehousing facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Some of the benefits attached to managing your range of packaging lines in this way are :

  • Competitive pricing for large quantity ordering of bespoke made packaging

  • Goods are invoiced only when delivered to your premises greatly assisting with cashflow provision *

  • Replenishment supplies are available at 24/48 hours notice given we already have the goods produced and in stock against your forward orders

  • Ability to call into your premises only those lines of packaging required for imminent use

  • Mixed deliveries made up of some or all of the various items can be delivered at regular intervals to suit your own schedules for production/despatch ¬†¬†

  • Accurate packaging inventory management provided by our admin team at our offices in Bradford

  • Reduction in admin burden required to manage your range of lines thereby freeing up time to allow concentration on other crucial aspects of your business

* Subject to pre-agreed maximum stocking periods