Protective Packaging

An increasingly diverse range of solutions which offer cushioning and protection for virtually any type of product. EPD stocks a range of the more popular and widely used products, but are also able to supply a range of other solutions, once trials have been successfully conducted, in partnership with our preferred suppliers of machinery required to form the end product.
We use the following manufacturers to provide every possible protection, cushioning or void-fill solutions. Please use the links below to access more detailed information.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can be supplied in reels, sheets, formed into pouches or bags to include a self sealing adhesive strip if required. Heavy-duty moulded polyethylene air filled bubble cells absorb shocks, reduce vibration and overcome abusive handling.

Biodegradable Loosefill

Provides high level shock and impact protection for goods, eliminating breakages it is made from 100% starch and is 100% biodegradable. It is suitable for domestic and municipal compost and will dissolve in water eliminating the problem of littering and performs just as well, if not better than polystyrene loosefill.

Foam Edge Protection Strips

Edge protection packaging is ideal for protecting the sides and top of packaged goods or palletised loads. Foam edge protection strips are recommended for protecting corners and edges of furniture, equipment and machinery by absorbing shock impacts from knocks and bumps to prevent dents and scratches. Various profiles available.

PE Foam

PE Foam can be supplied in reels, sheets, formed into pouches or bags to include a self sealing adhesive strip if required.

Recycled Board Pallet Edge Protectors

• Protects the corners and edges of your products • Protect palletised goods during transit and storage • Also ideal for reinforcing boxes and cartons • Made from compressed recycled cardboard • Economical, reusable and recyclable

Recycled Paper Corrugated Rolls

These paper rolls are a great general purpose packaging material. This kind of packaging material is generally used for avoiding breakage of delicate materials. All rolls have a fluted corrugated layer and a flat backing layer.

Bubble Lined Bags

Bubble lined bags (commonly known as Jiffy bags) – various sizes from stock. Custom printing is available for large volume customers.

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