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Competitor Skulduggery…. but we know what we’re talking about!

Here at European Packaging Distributors, we were recently given the opportunity to quote for a potentially large order of handwrap. They wanted a comparable price for a ‘pre-stretched hand pallet wrap’. The spec they were currently buying was 400mm x 600m x 7mu. We were all pretty upbeat and confident about this opportunity – we buy significant volumes of many different types of wrap & consequently we buy very competitively, so the order was ours right ?…. Wrong!

We submitted our quote & customer told us that that we were 15% out on price…. IMPOSSIBLE !

It took us 4 months to get this potential client to allow us to revisit the quote. In the end it took a mathematical equation to prove that we hadn’t been quoting like-with-like and that in fact they were not receiving what they thought they were buying.

The equation looked like this:

 Width x Length x Film Density

So… 0.4metre (i.e. 400mm Width) x 600m (Length) x 0.007mu (‘Density’ or film thickness) = 1.55 kgs net weight (film only)

then, add the cardboard core @ 0.3kgs = 1.85 kgs gross weight (including core)

Intrigued, the customer weighed one of their rolls and discovered a gross weight of 1.69 kgs – the roll was light – but why ? They either weren’t getting the length, or the thickness…

We had the customer send us a roll for analysis. The first thing we did was use a micrometer and check the thickness – this was fine.

We needed to check the overall length… there is only one way to do this and that is to send one back to our manufacturer for expert & unbiased unwinding on the same machines used to wind the film in production – and after unwinding and measuring the whole roll, found that it only consisted of 540m, not the 600m the customer thought they were buying.

The customer asked us to adjust the spec accordingly and we are happy to report that we then beat the price they were paying and now have a new customer !

If you would like us to analyse any of your current film samples for you and compare our price to yours, call our offices on 01274 6622223.