1. Why is pallet stretch-film seem so complex – I just need to wrap my pallets for despatch for minimum cost outlay!

    As with adhesive tape, the specific type of ‘stretch wrap’, ‘pallet wrap’ or ‘Clingfilm’ used to wrap pallets for despatch is dependant on the specific product to be wrapped, how much the pallet weighs, its delivery destination etc…

    There are many types to choose from but as always, EPD can advise on minimising your cost for this very critical ‘last item in the packaging chain’ – get it wrong and your goods will not arrive at destination in good condition resulting in damages claims, and dissatisfied customers – get it right and you’ve removed another potential headache from your operation.

  2. Why do cardboard box prices vary so much dependant on how many we buy?

    • There are a number of criteria which govern the prices of custom-made cardboard boxes and packaging, but the main ones are :
    • Corrugated board is made in large sheet format up to 2.8 metres square (for an example – larger than a full-sized snooker table) and is made and sold per square metre based on simple economies of scale where higher quantity of sq. metres produced in one production run yields lower pricing than a smaller make qty, and vice-versa.
    • Once sheet board is ready to be processed through machines which ‘convert’ the sheet into finished product, those machines have to be ‘made ready’ to run the particular specification of a customer’s order e.g. specific sizing, die-cutting and/or printing requirements. The machine ‘make-ready’ time is largely fixed and is costed-in as a % of the total box cost.
    • Therefore, if the order qty is smaller then its impact will be greater on the costing as a whole giving a higher unit cost, than if it was spread over a larger order qty, so having a lesser impact on the overall costing hence yielding a lower price.
    • Specific quality of papers used and the paper weight (in grams per square metre) have a great impact on price
    • Complexity of any printing required
    • Delivery destination – cardboard packaging tends to be very bulky and as such expensive to transport EPD are experts in making this process as simple as possible, and can supply custom-made cardboard boxes and cartons, and general custom-made corrugated packaging at competitive cost by advising on the most cost effective methods of supplying your packaging requirements.
  3. Where do I start if I don’t know or are unsure of my requirements?

    Just call us and we’ll happily either discuss over the phone or arrange a site visit to assess your needs, dependant on the volume/quantities of packaging required.

  4. Why does buying some packaging materials seem so complicated?

    The packaging industry is a hugely diverse and constantly evolving one with an almost limitless amount of choice available. The choices you make have a direct impact on cost. However, we can guide you to help minimise those costs given the many years experience we have in advising customers about their specific requirements.

  5. Why do delivery lead times vary dependant on which products I’m ordering?

    EPD sources its range of packaging from a number of large manufacturing partners, all of whom have different machine capabilities. The specific nature of the item you require dictates which machines are best suited to producing it at lowest cost option, and consequently some machines tend to be ‘busier’ than others –this we call machine ’loading’, literally the amount of order to be produced buy a specific machine in a given time-frame. This applies to all custom-made packaging lines, irrespective of whether made from cardboard, polythene or paper.

    Most of the more popular items of transit packaging we keep in stock for convenient ex-stock delivery, but some others require different lead times – we will always advise upon placing your order what the relevant delivery lead time will be.

  6. Why does parcel tape not stick to some things, and seems to perform differently in different weather conditions?

    The type of adhesive on the ‘sticky’ side of the tape varies greatly in quality, and therefore price – please talk to us so we can explain the different qualities to you and supply the most applicable type of tape to effectively do the job for you.

  7. Why do prices change so often?

    All of our packaging products are made from either paper, or polymer (derived from the petrochemical industry) based materials. As such, both these base materials are used in huge volumes globally, and consequently are commodities traded on the world’s stock markets, where price fluctuations are inherently linked to global supply and demand influence. Our product pricing therefore simply reflects this fact. Talk to us to find out how we can assist in limiting price fluctuations by effective ordering procedures.

  8. Help!! I’m don’t know what I’m doing!!

    Don’t worry!! We’re here to guide you – pick up the phone, email or fax with your transit packaging problem or issue, and we’ll help you get it sorted. Simple!