Business Management Policy

The European Packaging Distributors Ltd Directors are committed to the design, sourcing, supply, warehousing and distribution of bespoke corrugated and polyethylene packaging products and packaging consumables.

To ensure compliance, this Policy, the BMS, Objectives and Targets will be reviewed annually at the Management Review Meeting. Copies of this Policy will be on display in designated areas of the company and will be made available, upon request, to interested parties. We are further committed to the continual improvement of all people, services (irrespective of out-sourcing) and processes to enhance the company’s products and internal efficiency and to better identify and satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

We recognise that our goals will only be achieved by complete commitment to effective and efficient Management and Good Business Practice at all levels and within every function of our organisation. We recognise that our personnel are our ultimate strength and we are committed to their continual development and training. We will support our people by providing them with clear business objectives and by clearly identifying the competencies needed for every task affecting our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs, expectations and our environmental obligations.

We will never compromise on quality or integrity as to do so would mean to fail in our aims laid out above. As Managing Director I accept primary responsibility for the quality and environmental impact of our systems, products and service, and endorse the Business Management System, which complies with ISO 9001 Quality Standard.  Further we will constantly thrive to improve the effectiveness of our Business Management System by continual review.

Paul Sykes
Managing Director

Date: 01.03.2011

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